Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hair Fail and Miriam Haskell Eye Candy

Well, I tried something new with my hair last night. I decided to do a wet set with foam rollers. My hair is already naturally very wavy/curly.
I now have enough curl to choke a dead horse.
I think I'll have to wait until it's grown out more to try this again- but for now will just stick with my regular routine of straightening using an iron and re-curling with the curling iron or some hot sticks. Here are the less than thrilling results:
My plan of action is to stick a scarf over it and not think about it...instead...think about these:
Early Haskell Pink Glass Beads And White Leaves Vintage Necklace

WWII Big MIRIAM HASKELL Wood Berries Beaded Dress Pin Clip, Superb Condition

Miriam Haskell - War Era - Vintage Dress Clip

Vintage Miriam Haskell Brooch

There is something so appealing about these vintage Miriam Haskell baubles. I would love to take a stab at making my own little tribute pieces.

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