Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whine...and refresh

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't wake at all...all day? Yeah...
I think part of it is that the heat has finally arrived. I can tell it must not be just me, because all the cats have been passed out on the floor all day, too. They look cranky. Everyone is just hot, and cranky, and meh.
Also, the past few days have been prime opportunities to post long over-due outfit pictures...but by the time I get home from work...everything is all sweaty and awful...and it just doesn't happen. Darn you, summer!
Well, enough complaining, here are some random pictures of things that are refreshing.
A tasty, strong, ice-cold margarita. MmmmMMmmmMMmmmMMM...
Frosted circus animal cookies...must be straight from refrigerator
Cool tunes from your turntable
If all else fails, charter a boat, and head out on the high seas, dahling!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why don't these come in my size?!

I couldn't pass up these vintage doll shoes from the 1950's. They look just like the ones my Mom had for her doll collection when she was a little girl. If only I could pop them in some water and they might grow into a size 8!!!

Just lovely- nothing quite gets me excited like plastic embedded with glitter...and I can't say just does! are the shoes that belonged to my Mom and her dollies when she was young...can't you imagine wearing these with your sarong dresses...

She told me stories about how you could go to dime stores and pick up all sorts of shoes, clothes, and accessories for your dolls for only a few cents. They even sold teensy little watches so your dolls could keep track of time and never miss a salon appointment or important date...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Flies...

I can't believe that summer is almost over. Things are moving at a ridiculous speed.

Kids are already going back to school, and when I'm out at the store, I am totally missing the cheerful optimism of back-to-school shopping.

I remember buying that new planner, binder, and pencil box- vowing to have the most organized and productive school year yet. Nevermind what came of it all after a couple of months (errr...weeks maybe...).

It's all new shoes and new crayons.


As an adult, it's not quite the same, but I suppose we can improvise.

For example, I bought new shoes today and I feel totally justified (...only a teensy bit guilty) calling them my back-to-school shoes. ;)

Well, shoes are fun, but in the spirit of the go-getting fresh-start kind of mentality, here are my back-to-school (life) goals (in no significant order).

1. Stop buying shoes
2. Pay off debt
3. Look for new job where I can make more money (to pay off debt and buy more shoes...oops)
4. Clean out junk and clutter from house
5. Exercise more (at all)
6. Eat in a more healthful manner

Ok, easy stuff, right?!