Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here are some pictures to pass the time. I'm enjoying an evening at home to myself eating strawberry mochi and watching "Last Man on Earth" with sexy-creepy Vincent Price.

Me over the weekend

My mom as a little girl with her Grandmother and cat, Scuttlebutt

Mini sprinkle donuts of doom

Thee most stylish hat perhaps ever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventures in Hair

Well folks, I’ve finally arrived at a point I thought I would never see since I embarked on my latest journey of hair growth. I actually like it. It’s at a decent length where I can pin-curl it, brush it out, manipulate some rolls into it, and leave the house with confidence of some sort.

That being said, I have to stop and reflect on the long and rocky history of the relationship I’ve had with my hair. Let’s go back to the beginning…*harp music plays- key the dream sequence*

As a little girl, I had wild, soft, light brown, angelic curly ringlets. Then in first grade, I was one of the lucky children to get lice (quelle horreur!). My hair was chopped short in an effort to rid my scalp of the little pests. It was never the same after that!

I had a mess of unruly waves and curls that neither myself nor my mother could make sense of. I started dying it in junior high thinking that if I couldn’t be happy with the texture, at least I could have some fun with the color. I can remember experiments using Kool-aid and Sun-In. There came a point where my mom paid to have my hair chemically straightened. It was BEAUTIFUL…for a day…then I washed it…and it went back to the same mess.

Then came that golden day- the day I received my first straightening iron. *angels sing* My life changed. I could do anything with my straight hair…but it got even better. I saw a documentary about Bettie Page on the E! Channel. Black hair and bangs became my mantra.

You’d think once I found something that worked I would have stuck with it. Heavens, no. I jumped on the rollercoaster and away I went.

Short black bob with bangs. Bleach out the black. Brown-blonde hair with bangs. Grow out the bangs. Cut the bangs back. Red hair with bangs. Back to black hair with bangs. Cut it all off into a spiky pixie. Grow back out to black bob with bangs. Cut short again. Add dread-lock extensions and shave back. Grow back to bob with no bangs. Cut bangs again. Grow out into shaggy bob, let color go back to brown. Dye black again. Cut completely short. Bleach out. Dye a billion different shades of red. Grow out. Dye black again.

I’m sure I missed something. 30 years of dye, damage, and chaos!

A brief (and incomplete) history of my many hair-dos (and dont's)

Anyway, now, here I am! I suppose the most interesting part is that I never thought I would actually be encouraging my natural curl and while I feel like I’ve finally stumbled onto something new and sublime, I recall a conversation with grandmother. When asking her how she managed to accomplish her beautiful and sophisticated hairstyles in the 1940s, she laughed.

“We never knew what we were doing, we just curled it and pinned up any old way.”

…and can you guess how many hairstyles and shades my grandmother has been through in all her 89 years on this earth?

Something tells me that even though I’m happy with my hair now…tomorrow is yet another day…

My Grandma with her lovely hair (and my handsome Grandpa) on their wedding day in the 1940s.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pins and Planters

Some fun stuff on a stuffy Monday...

A gigantic button I made into a pin. You can find these goliaths in the purse making section of your local JoAnn's fabric stores.

A little brooch I made using buttons, linen, and wooden beads. Loosely inspired by bakelite beauties such as these:

A cute little lady vase I found while thrifting. Isn't she sweet? Here she is hanging out with Blythe on my dresser...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clutter Queen

I am really getting serious about cleaning out my clutter. I have been watching episodes of Hoarders all weekend. I think as long as I stop at having 3 cats and sell some of my massive "collections," I am going to be O.K. !
Here are some of the goodies that have already landed in my Etsy shop. I have been waffling back and forth about Ebay vs. Etsy, but I love the spirit of Etsy so much- I think I'll try all my things there first, and if they don't find homes, then we'll work on Ebay.

Vintage Cat Eye Glasses Frames Green with Butterflies 1950s

Embroidered and Smocked Lovely Mandarin Blouse M

Extra Wide Jade Green Marbled Lucite Bangle Bracelet

If you see something you like, dear Blog friends, feel free to use my special 20% off discount- use coupon code "CLUTTERQUEEN05" ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rooty Tooty

I've been in some kind of Carmen Miranda mood lately...here are some of the big ticket dream items that would satisfy my summer cravings...

Killer Vintage 50s ....Hawaiian Banana Plastic.... Necklace, Earring & Pin set

Anthropomorphic Pineapple Wall Plaque

Fruit Salad Vintage Earrings

Monday, May 16, 2011

When in doubt...

...post pictures of kitties!
I love how they manage to enjoy the simple things in life (like cardboard boxes), and also how they can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable of positions (like on a pile of pointy craft supplies).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there (kitty and puppy mommies included, of course)!
Today I celebrated with mine- and we made it a big tri-celebration of my Dad's birthday (which was on Wednesday) + Mother's Day + my birthday (next Saturday).
We spent the day at our house chatting and watching the kitties do kitty stuff, then we went downtown and had lunch at delicious Pepe's Mexican Restaurant- home of the ridiculously magnificent Tamarindo Margarita.
Nothing says "I love you, Mom!" quite like tequila:

I'm not quite sure why the men in the family have such bizarre photo faces. I'm going to let them have the booze as an excuse.
Afterward, we browsed some shops downtown. I got to check out a consignment store that I had never been in yet. Wow, have I been missing out. Most of the stock was designer goods that even on consignment were way out of my price range- BUT- there was a sale rack in the back and I nearly shat myself when I found a gorgeous 1940's rayon dress printed with little tropical flowers and pottery in immaculate condition marked down to $20. I felt like it was just waiting for me to find it buried in the all the newer stuff. I will have to get some pics of it on here.
All in all- great day- happily tired- and ready to kick back and enjoy my kitty mother's day with the cats on the couch.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick and Dirty

Quick and dirty blog post since I haven't had much to say lately with crazy life!
Here are some pics my Mom snapped during Easter- we stayed with my parents, relaxed, hit up the local Salvation Army, decorated eggs, and enjoyed that Easter wine.

I guess the little things have been piling up lately. Byron lost his job, we have been having some mold issues in our little shack, and the old lady cat, Matilda, hasn't been feeling well lately. But what else can you do but just keep on truckin'?! At least these guys keep me entertained:

Handsome Louis

Matilda loves cardboard boxes

Leonard being...sexy