Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Quick Outfit Posts

It's starting to warm up fast- which means running the air conditioner, cats stretching out on the bathroom tile, and getting to wear the cute summer-y stuff again!

giant vintage circle skirt- too old to remember it's origins
black top- G Stage
canvas kitten heels- Kohl's

vintage dress- Etsy
canvas wedgies- Chinese Laundry via Ebay
(look at how my crummy picture makes it look like I have one giant leg instead of 2- yuck- I just didn't have the patience to get a better shot today)

...and here is the little matching jacket.

My new favorite.


  1. You look fantastic with your skirt all spread out like that. Circle skirts are so much fun.

  2. i love you blog, just the name itself is fabulous! love all of the florals. your glasses look lovely as well. i love that style very much indeed!