Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Quick Outfit Posts

It's starting to warm up fast- which means running the air conditioner, cats stretching out on the bathroom tile, and getting to wear the cute summer-y stuff again!

giant vintage circle skirt- too old to remember it's origins
black top- G Stage
canvas kitten heels- Kohl's

vintage dress- Etsy
canvas wedgies- Chinese Laundry via Ebay
(look at how my crummy picture makes it look like I have one giant leg instead of 2- yuck- I just didn't have the patience to get a better shot today)

...and here is the little matching jacket.

My new favorite.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1940s Polka Dot Dress

I finally got around to making some repairs on this little dress I've had hanging in my closet for over a year! It's also the first time I've busted out these shoes- I could just never figure out what to wear with them.
I felt pretty fancy at work. So fancy that I'm now home in sweatpants totally worn out from the fanciness of it all. Fancy IS work. Fancy has earned me a nap.

1940s dress- Etsy
cardigan- G Stage (Forever 21 style clothing shop)
green heeled oxfords- Aerosoles via Goodwill
bakelite bangle- Etsy
birdie ring- Urban Outfitters

Close up of my little heeled forest green oxfords. I got these as well as an identical pair in brown at the Goodwill- they were brand new!
My odd little beak-less birdie ring. How does he eat? We may never know. It's a mystery. I imagine he must hum instead of chirp.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I've been so enjoying all the posts on other blogs about getting ready for Viva Las Vegas!
I wish I was getting ready to go, too!
I have been twice and both times were tons of fun. I hope to go again one day when the time and the finances are right. I searched out some of my photos from my first visit, I think these may have been from 2002. I think the very best part by far was the outfit planning *swoon*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Outfit, a Persian, and a Project

vintage sweater- thrifted, Goodwill Palmdale
vintage side-zip jeans- Ebay (I think)
saddle shoes- Wasteland Burbank

Well here we are! A mundane Tuesday. Tried something new with the woopty-doos (I think that is the technical term for whatever I have going on with my roll-pin curl thingies in my hair) today. I was prepared for rain- but it's bright and sunny out now! Poop! OH let's just close the blinds, love on Leonard the cat, and pretend it's pouring with a cup of tea!
My greatest accomplishment of the day thus far has been making some progress on my gigantic sewing project. I've challenged myself to sew a dress...since then it's taken a couple of weeks to decide on a pattern, buy the pattern, think about fabric, look at fabric, and now finally- buy the fabric. So now we are ready to cut it out- and knowing myself- that should only take...oh...a couple months :) It's been a long time since I've sewn anything bigger than a doll size dress, so I think I have some fear that is holding me back. I know I just have to suck it up and dive in!
*I love this pattern- it's a total knock-off of the ever-popular and coveted Swirl!*

Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 an Oufit and Weekend Thrifting Nonsense

Here we have half of the days outfit as the bottom half is boring pants and I had already kicked off my shoes, as seen below ;) It's been raining buckets in Southern California, so on with the warm and cozy sweater! To be honest, I didn't wear the scarf to work- but I did nap on my hair all afternoon- so the scarf seemed to tidy it up for this photo.
vintage cardigan- thrifted
checkered blouse- Sidecca
brooch- ebay
scarf- thrifted
shoes- Forever 21
Before the rain hit- I was able to take a thrifting adventure in Burbank and came up with some excellent finds. I got a couple of blouses and sweater, which are in the laundry- but also scored this deliciously tacky purse for $3 and some morbid bathroom reading for $1.99.

As for the final word on a stormy weekend and soggy Monday, I believe the beast that lives beneath my tv has something to say...and it's rather loud and cranky...

Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog's GRAND OPENING! You can surely expect lots of...


vintage clothing

excellent stuffs of all sorts

Etsy finds that must be shared

and perhaps a robotic baby or two...