Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An outfit and a little craft project...

It's been a lot of boring work clothes lately for meetings and blah- but today I got back into a dress.

vintage dress- ebay
red bakelite bangle- etsy
little heeled mary jane shoes- Sun Thrift

Things around the house have gone through a bit of an upheaval- so trying to get back into a routine and keep myself busy. I've been in the mood for a little bit of crafting lately- and this was the kick-starter project. I found this little basket purse at Target for $2 and sewed some trims on it. Here's a little before and after:

Now I'm just a plain bag. I am sad. I need bedazzling.

Now I'm a bag with stuff on me! Much better! Look at my little cherries! Let's go dancing!

I know it's just a little something-something of a project, but it's a start. Since then I've embarked on a couple of brooches, working on something in the style of Miriam Haskell. They are coming along. AND I know I mentioned my Swirl style sewing project a few posts back, well in my typical procrastinating ways- it is on the back burner. On a trip to the craft store, I happened upon a 99-cent pattern sale and ended up with a new pattern for a vintage style romper/playsuit. So I started in on that one instead.


  1. I bought that purse too and I thought it was a great start. Love what you did with yours!!!!

  2. Julie- I love love love you <3
    Living Vintage- did you really?! They were just too good of a deal for a cute blank canvas- I want to see what you do with yours! I've been using it everyday, too- to carry my snacks to work in.

  3. Love what you did to the bag, you are a clever gal.

  4. It's not a small project at all! Every little bit counts. It's lovely, and your dress is charming.