Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 an Oufit and Weekend Thrifting Nonsense

Here we have half of the days outfit as the bottom half is boring pants and I had already kicked off my shoes, as seen below ;) It's been raining buckets in Southern California, so on with the warm and cozy sweater! To be honest, I didn't wear the scarf to work- but I did nap on my hair all afternoon- so the scarf seemed to tidy it up for this photo.
vintage cardigan- thrifted
checkered blouse- Sidecca
brooch- ebay
scarf- thrifted
shoes- Forever 21
Before the rain hit- I was able to take a thrifting adventure in Burbank and came up with some excellent finds. I got a couple of blouses and sweater, which are in the laundry- but also scored this deliciously tacky purse for $3 and some morbid bathroom reading for $1.99.

As for the final word on a stormy weekend and soggy Monday, I believe the beast that lives beneath my tv has something to say...and it's rather loud and cranky...

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