Monday, August 22, 2011

Why don't these come in my size?!

I couldn't pass up these vintage doll shoes from the 1950's. They look just like the ones my Mom had for her doll collection when she was a little girl. If only I could pop them in some water and they might grow into a size 8!!!

Just lovely- nothing quite gets me excited like plastic embedded with glitter...and I can't say just does! are the shoes that belonged to my Mom and her dollies when she was young...can't you imagine wearing these with your sarong dresses...

She told me stories about how you could go to dime stores and pick up all sorts of shoes, clothes, and accessories for your dolls for only a few cents. They even sold teensy little watches so your dolls could keep track of time and never miss a salon appointment or important date...


  1. Just the other day I was looking for pollys with Lucite heels. Oh my goodness, I want a pair so bad!