Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Flies...

I can't believe that summer is almost over. Things are moving at a ridiculous speed.

Kids are already going back to school, and when I'm out at the store, I am totally missing the cheerful optimism of back-to-school shopping.

I remember buying that new planner, binder, and pencil box- vowing to have the most organized and productive school year yet. Nevermind what came of it all after a couple of months (errr...weeks maybe...).

It's all new shoes and new crayons.


As an adult, it's not quite the same, but I suppose we can improvise.

For example, I bought new shoes today and I feel totally justified (...only a teensy bit guilty) calling them my back-to-school shoes. ;)

Well, shoes are fun, but in the spirit of the go-getting fresh-start kind of mentality, here are my back-to-school (life) goals (in no significant order).

1. Stop buying shoes
2. Pay off debt
3. Look for new job where I can make more money (to pay off debt and buy more shoes...oops)
4. Clean out junk and clutter from house
5. Exercise more (at all)
6. Eat in a more healthful manner

Ok, easy stuff, right?!



  1. I should probably stop buying shoes too but I know that would be a losing battle ;)

  2. I just love having a good de-clutter must admit I don't aways throw loads away but I find loads of thing that I did not even know I had.

  3. Miss Betty2Tone: If only they would stop making cute shoes, I would be safe (but also sad! argh! the strife!).
    Miss Tallulah May: I ended up taking 2 big garbage bags loaded with some of my old clothes to the thrift shop to donate...but then bought a new dress while I was there...oops!!! I may be defeating the purpose of the de-clutter!!!